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a zebra reproduce sexually or asexually

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"Ah, but you en't seen him, John," said Farder Coram. "And I do believe Lyra. We could promise on his behalf, maybe. He might make all the difference."

It was quite common for struggles between children to be settled by their daemons in this way, with one accepting the dominance of the other. Their humans accepted the outcome without resentment, on the whole, so Lyra knew that Annie would do as she asked.

She came close to him, stepping carefully over the bird-spattered floor, and brushed away the flies buzzing at her face.

"It was telling us about these things all the time," said Lyra. "We oughter listened. But what can we do about this un, Farder Coram? Can we kill it or something?"

"Ratter," said the boy. "You got my Ratter?"

"Tell him we'll take it away with us, but they were very bad to treat it like that. Where is it?"

"Only his name. And it was the consul at Trollesund who told us that."

"Where's your balloon?" said Lyra to the Texan.


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